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To empower and encourage – students and tech-minded people alike. We believe that the future is built with Qt and that learning even the basics can enable people of all backgrounds to become more innovative by exploring the creation of apps, solutions, or other types of interfaces as a part of their studies, business – or even just for fun.


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Our general learning tracks are open and free to everyone, no matter the time or place, or prior knowledge of Qt. Simply create your account on our Qt Academy platform and you’re all set to start exploring our course offering. Our content is always evolving and growing.

Sponsored learning tracks

Although these tracks have limited capacity and are timed, they are open to everyone. Be sure to mark your calendar for enrolment dates and sign up early, as once capacity is full, enrolment will close. But don't fret, as all sponsored tracks eventually become available to the public.

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New course

Qt Licensing For Designer & Developer Offerings

Our course on licensing is out now!

In this course, you will …

  • Learn about the different licenses that Qt offers for our products. We offer support on various levels to match our customers' size, business goals, and internal resources. 
  • We'll explain dual licensing of Qt designer and developer tools and framework.
  • Understand the key aspects and differences between open-source and commercial licensing.

This course is for anyone who wants to understand when and why to select open source vs a commercial Qt license, and what the key differences are.

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Sponsor learning track

FYI / Desktop & Mobile Applications

Qt’s sponsor track pilot is being developed together with FYI, a California-based mobile tech company founded and headed by artist and tech entrepreneur, will.i.am.


Pre-enrolment opens on 20 April 2023, last day to enrol is 2 June 2023 (or when course is at capacity).

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Upcoming course

The must-knows of UI Design

Our course, The must-knows of UI Design, is the second module in our Frontend Learning Path, Crafting & Mastering User Interfaces.


In this course, you will …

  • Get more hands-on, learning to use design tools for the creation of a UI
  • Obtain an understanding of how to create great, usable designs
  • Find out how to get the best UI out of Qt Design Studio
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There are many ways to get involved in Qt Academy – as a student, as a sponsor, or as a contributor.

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Enrolment in our general courses can be done anytime, anywhere. Simply create an account and pick the courses you want to study. Students with a valid educational email address from a verified university can also download Qt for free and use it for private purposes. Learn more about our educational licenses here.

Want to get involved as a sponsor, and co-create a learning track with us? We’re more than happy to work with you on a tailored learning path and competition. Simply get in touch with us and send a general inquiry to academy@qt.io

Want to become a teacher/contributor at our Qt Academy? Have a great idea for a course or module, and the knowledge and skills to back it up? We’re always looking for people to contribute, so get in touch with us at academy@qt.io