Enhancing Software Quality with Static Code Analysis

Online15:00 Jul 18, 2023 UTC -4

As development projects grow in complexity, technical debt increases exponentially impacting readability, bug occurrence, development time and cost. Static code analysis acts as an early quality barrier in the CI pipeline, detecting code patterns that lead to bugs and unnecessary complexity. We will discuss the unique insights it provides and its role in enabling developers to produce higher-quality commits. With static code analysis, industry-standard rulesets like MISRA, AUTOSAR, and CERT are easier to implement, ensuring high-quality source code and the best coding practices in safety-critical industries. We will also cover how architecture verification provides a direct view into the architecture of a project, leading to insights that help ensure commits align with the intended design. Join this webinar to learn how static code analysis empowers development teams to efficiently deliver high-quality software.

Speaker: Dan Caruso, Pre-Sales Engineer, Qt Group

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Starts 15:00 Jul 18, 2023 UTC -4
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