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Learn your customers. Optimize the experience.

Qt Insight is an application analytics solution designed to provide real insights into how people use your application or device. It was created to shed light on an application’s or device’s performance, usage, and user data that may not be otherwise attainable.

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Take the guesswork out of it

Stop guessing how your applications or devices perform. Qt Insight tracks and visualizes user flows and user actions on your devices, so you no longer have to guess which are most popular, which don’t perform, and which need improvement.

Play it safe

Stop worrying about GDPR compliance or how data is processed and stored. With Qt Insight, you can host your data exactly where suits you, and don’t need to use third-party cloud solutions to store critical or sensitive information. 

Improve product ROI

Qt Insight lets you identify the key elements you should invest in, making ROI analysis more accurate than ever. It also helps you recognize customer pain points and issues intuitively through real-life interactions with your devices and apps. 

Real usage intelligence. 
Real product benefits.

Learn your customers. Yes, you read that right. We believe that in order to truly understand your customers, you need to learn them. Learn how, when, and why they use your service, so that you can optimize your user experience, and make better-informed business decisions. From this desire to learn, understand, and be better, Qt Insight was born. 

How does Insight work? 

Qt Insight works as an internal part of your application or development platform, providing you with real product usage analytics. With it, you can become aware of customer pain points, analyze performance, and create tangible, evidence-based development plans for your business.

Seamless Data Transmission with Qt Tracker Library

The Qt Tracker library shares raw event information periodically with the Qt Insight analytics cloud over a secure communication channel.

Comprehensive Metrics for In-Depth Analysis

The Qt Insight analytics cloud enriches the information with metadata and consolidates the data for further analysis. The reporting scope includes the following metrics: Most Used Interactions/Features, UI Views Utilization, User Count (existing/new), Session Length, Usage Distribution (weekday/time), User Location, Device Type, and Application Software Version.

A Powerful Tool for Data Visualization and Analysis

The Qt Insight Console application serves as a tool to visualize, filter, and export information. Users can create their own dashboards using a set of pre-configured charts. They can also apply a variety of filters to dive deeper into the data.

Qt Insight can provide benefits for: 


By quickly identifying dead code in an application or device, developers can retire disused elements or develop popular components further.


By A/B testing creative designs and elements and UI paths, designers can optimize user experience based on real usage data.


By utilizing user flow tracking, marketers can spot high-value customers, learn when to upsell, and improve the users’ lifetime value.

By making feature adoption analysis and development plans more straightforward, product owners can spend less time on research and make better-informed decisions.

How to purchase Insight

Qt Insight is now available with an annual subscription license in a secure cloud setup. The price of the subscription license will depend on the number of events per month and the desired data retention period. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.

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Qt Insight in action. 

This video will give you an overview of what to expect from 1.1 and talk you through the main product highlights.

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