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Build High-Performing Apps for Desktop, Mobile, & Web

Create your cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile without compromising quality or speed.



Streamline your development

Deploy a single code base on all major platforms with highly intuitive Qt APIs. Reuse modular library classes for any software project to save enormous amounts of development time when developing a desktop or mobile application. 

Uniformity across platforms

Customize your environment with a variety of tools that accelerate development and testing throughout your entire application development life cycle with our cross-platform framework. Now you can build an app for Android and iOS, without needing to worry about elements looking out of place.

 Productivity, no compromises

Impress end users by improving your 2D/3D UI design and development. Whether you’re working with Python or C++, our custom UI editor, HMI design and development tools, and platform-agnostic software increase productivity without compromising performance.

Innovative desktop and mobile app development

Developing applications from scratch is slow because components such as UI elements and middleware need to be implemented first. By using ready-to-go software libraries with over 5 million lines of code, you can focus on building innovative products instead tinkering with the fundamentals of your C++ or Python applications.

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Code once, deploy everywhere

Whether you’re deploying apps on Mac, Linux, or Windows, spending your time adapting them to different platforms isn't fun. Qt's cross-platform APIs allow you to write your code once and let us take care of the platform adaptation – even to web, with WebAssembly. 

Explore Qt for WebAssembly


Improve productivity & spotlight performance

Coding high-performing applications for desktop and mobile which maximize the customer experience on particular hardware is challenging without great tools. Qt's Performance Profiler and Qt Compiler Tools ensure your code is performing at maximum capacity in your C++ or Python application.

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Industry leaders develop applications with Qt

Here are real-life customers from various industries.
From automotive to healthcare to mobile games – discover how Qt enables diverse desktop and mobile development success stories.

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Get Started With Qt for Application Development

Download & Try

New to Qt and want to try our framework for app development before you buy? Download a free trial of the Qt framework, tools for desktop and mobile app development, Qt Design Studio, plus other enterprise add-ons like the Qt Digital Advertising platform.

Download a trial version

Licensing & Pricing

Qt for Application Development is a solution to develop and deploy your high-performing applications on desktop and mobile target platforms. Qt For Application Development licenses starts at $302/month per developer. 

Discover licenses & features

Qt Learning

Want to know how to develop desktop applications, or where to contribute to open source? Watch our helpful video tutorials that guide you through installing and using the Qt framework. Get started with our course material, webinars, and other intuitive learning tools. 

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Created to offer real customer insights on the usage of your device or application, Qt Insight lets you take a deeper dive into your own product analytics and improve your product lifecycle.


Have a killer app and want a straightforward way to monetize it? Qt's Digital Advertising Platform is here to help you take your apps to the next level.

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