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Easily create a world of high-performance 2D and 3D UI applications for consumer electronics such as smart home appliances, wearables, headless devices, companion apps, and more.

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Cut Down Time-to-market with Integrated End-to-end Software Tooling

Break down silos and optimize your consumer electronics development process with a streamlined design-develop-test workflow.

Qt product offering is built around a unique cross-platform code base encompassing all stages of the product delivery and maintenance lifecycle from UI design to development and testing. With Qt, UI/UX designers, 2D/3D technical artists, software architects, developers, and testing engineers can collaborate on the same code base through a unified set of tools, enabling fast error detection and rapid iterations while leaving no margin for misunderstanding across teams.

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Scale over Appliance Types to Deliver the Ultimate Experience to Your Growing Audience

Expand and complement your core offering with new devices and added functionality to deliver a uniform user experience and a consistent look-and-feel across your entire consumer electronics product portfolio.

Qt applications are by design platform agnostics and can be ported to different hardware, operating system, and display form factors with minimal effort. Coding once and deploying everywhere implies reduced costs and time-to-market, independence from hardware suppliers, and scalability across hardware solutions—from high-end microprocessors to low-end microcontrollers—for reduced BOM. With Qt, you can let your teams focus on what really matters—the ultimate user experience—and rely on the UI framework to take care of the platform integration.

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Simplify Consumer Electronics Software Maintenance with a Unified Code Base

Standardize the application’s functionality  across devices, models, and even brands to enhance the user experience, performance, and ease of maintenance.

Building and maintaining a full-fledged consumer electronics product portfolio can be straining and time-consuming. By decoupling the application logic from the UI’s look-and-feel, the Qt framework empowers the broadest reusability of the core components and their straightforward customization across different product lines. Your developers can optimize the core functionalities once and for all, while UX designers tailor the experience to the different electronics models, markets, and demographic groups for the highest return on investment.

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Ensure Seamless Connectivity across Appliances for a Comprehensive IoT System

Exploit ready-made solutions for cloud connectivity and smooth machine-to-machine communication to deliver a world of smart devices to the palm of your hand.

The Qt framework provides connectivity libraries for Bluetooth, Bluetooth low-energy, MQTT, NFC, Wi-Fi, and more, transforming consumer electronics appliances into smart IoT devices that can be operated remotely and seamlessly interact with each other. Connectivity enables new scenarios of operability that improve the quality of our daily lives such as smart home automation.

Customer Stories Written with Qt

Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali has a long history of working with Qt, dating back to 2010. In 2022, they decided to enter the commercial program to take advantage of the full professional offer of Qt products and libraries.  Learn what competitive advantages Qt delivered to them.

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“We are quite excited about the new opportunities offered by accessing the full Qt commercial offering. We already love QML for delivering beautiful UI applications so efficiently. But we see a huge potential in the availability of integrated QA and testing tools.”

Dario Costa, – Digital Touchpoints System Manager, Gruppo Cimbali

LG Electronics

LG’s innovative technologies, unique products, and cutting-edge designs are built with Qt.

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"Qt is faster than web-based technology, and, usually, it needs less memory. webOS is highly customizable, so as we need a faster and less memory-consuming environment, then Qt is the proper solution for that. "

Helen Choi, – VP at LG Electronics, LG Electronics

EM Microelectronic

1975 - empowering wearables for over 45 years

First tactile watch worldwide

First in-cell touch worldwide

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“In our field, high accuracy, full reliability and finesse in design go hand in hand with top performance—low memory footprint and instant boot, foremost—all features that Qt for MCUs includes out of the box.”

Marcin Marzencki, – Development Manager, EM Microelectronic

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