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Software requirements are increasing exponentially, your team's capacity is not! Qt 6's tools & APIs empower designers and developers to create more!


Next-Generation User Experience

Build consistently branded 2D & 3D applications with a custom or native look & feel – using designer and developer-friendly tools, a leaner, yet more powerful QML language, and a flexible graphics architecture.


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Limitless Scalability

From microcontrollers (MCUs) to supercomputers, Qt 6 and our massive ecosystem provides everything you need to design, develop, and deploy software for your entire product line. Create applications that are beautiful in the front-end and powerful in the back-end, with the same codebase for any hardware, any OS, or on bare metal.


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The worlds best companies use Qt to make the products you love.


Technical Specifications

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Features Comparison

Qt 5.15 LTS / 6.5 LTS

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