Software quality management for any platform

No matter your development approach, we have comprehensive quality management tools for your entire software lifecycle – regardless of the platform you use. Analyze. Automate. Accelerate. Assure Quality.

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FUNCTION. Automated GUI testing for cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web applications.




ASSURANCE. Cross-platform, cross-compiler advanced code coverage analysis and tool qualification.



Test Center

CONTROL. Centralized test result management platform connecting automation with the entire dev process.



Axivion Architecture Analysis

STRUCTURE. Automated architecture check that guarantees necessary conformance.

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Axivion Static Code Analysis

ACCURACY. Next-generation static code analysis that checks your software for style violations.

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Each pillar of software quality management covered

Our complete quality assurance suite enables you to automate your testing, accelerate your software lifecycle, and most importantly, ensure quality. Combine those three elements and you save time, cost, and enable growth.

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Future-proof your product development

Cover all the phases of the product development process and simplify across design, development, quality assurance and go-to-market - our tools set you up for continuous improvement and maintainability.

What's new in quality assurance management

Always taking you to the next level. Check out our latest updates and releases from our entire product offering.

Squish 7.1.1


The first maintenance release in the 7.1 series keeps pace with recently released versions of popular GUI toolkits and comes with support for Qt 6.5 LTS and Java 19. We also fixed more than 100 bugs and added other improvements to all Squish editions and source packages.

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Coco 6.1.1

The latest Coco release simplifies the setup for the GreenHills, TI, Metaware and ARM-DS toolchains. 

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Test Center 3.2

From the powerful new result reporting API to the user-friendly git history dialog and innovative result badges, Test Center 3.2 is packed with cutting-edge capabilities that will take your testing process to the next level.

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Success Story2

Success story: Creating Safer Skies

Skyguide is the leading provider of air navigation services in Switzerland and beyond. Learn how they use the Squish GUI Tester to improve the safety and efficiency of the Swiss Airspace.

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